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6 Tips to Diversifying Your Portfolio as a Healthcare Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship provides individuals with a range of opportunities and challenges. An entrepreneur is often willing to take on these challenges to gain the satisfaction of being their own boss. 

To find success as an entrepreneur, regardless of your business or industry, you need to offer quality service. One of the best kept secrets to offering quality service is gaining knowledge and experience by diversifying your portfolio. Not only will diversifying your portfolio help you from an investment perspective, it will help you gain a greater understanding of business, and help you identify unique and creative solutions to your existing challenges.

As a healthcare entrepreneur, you need to know about more than just health and wellness. You also need to understand business, regulations, and even marketing. You’ll also need to understand your target audience and how to add value to the lives and businesses of others. 

If you are determined to make your dreams of becoming a successful healthcare entrepreneur a reality, then you’ll need some guidance to get started. Everyone can benefit from having a mentor or consultant in their corner, so never be afraid to ask for help. In fact, asking for advice and help could be the best decision you’ve ever made. 

Ready to diversify your portfolio as an entrepreneur? Read on to find out how to add more value to your business, and to your clients. 

Diversify Your Portfolio: A Guide for the Healthcare Entrepreneur

Diversifying your portfolio doesn’t only apply to retirement and investments. However, making smart investments as an entrepreneur is essential for success. While we can’t always know if an investment will pan out, there are ways to ensure we at least gain valuable experience and knowledge as a result. 

After all, becoming an entrepreneur requires a willingness to engage in a process of trial and error. However, risks can be reduced with proper guidance, knowledge, and education. If you’re interested in diversifying your healthcare entrepreneurship portfolio, then knowing how to diversify your portfolio is a sound investment. 

Explore the following six ways to diversify your healthcare entrepreneurship portfolio to add value to your business and career.

1. Network

To diversify your healthcare entrepreneurship portfolio, consider networking. Network with other doctors, clinic owners, and healthcare professionals. Gain more insight into their experience and how they achieved success. 

When networking, you can simply seek to build new relationships, or you can intentionally seek out potential business partnerships. Explain to those you meet your areas of interest, business ventures you’re involved in, other entrepreneurial ventures you would like to pursue, but most importantly, ask how you can help them. Leading with serving and helping others will help you build stronger relationships.

The more people you meet at networking events, the more opportunities you’ll have to diversify your portfolio as a healthcare entrepreneur. The people you meet may also have entrepreneurial pursuits of their own which could also help you to gain experience. By standing in as a mentor or consultant for their new idea, you can also diversify your own experience.

2. Volunteer

When diversifying your entrepreneurship or healthcare portfolio, be willing to go back to basics. Volunteering helps to diversify your experience and connections to pursue new business ideas and pursuits. You may already have your own business and be successful, but by volunteering, you may learn a new skill, meet a new person, or learn of a new opportunity.

Volunteering is a great way to gain hands-on experience without taking large risks. Volunteering can also present additional networking opportunities, as other successful entrepreneurs tend to look for opportunities to give back and serve their communities.

3. Find a Mentor or Consultant

Everyone needs a mentor. Especially, when diversifying your portfolio and needing to learn a new skill or venturing into previously unknown areas and industries. Seek out mentors or a consultant whenever possible. 

Your mentors will not only be able to teach you skills, but may also make your pursuit more successful. To find the right mentor, get a feel for their background, skills, and how much they will be able to guide you through a new process you’re learning.

4. Education

Receiving formal education by gaining a new certification or skillset is an excellent way to diversify your healthcare entrepreneurship portfolio. For example, you could take a business course, become a health coach, or return to university for a formal medical degree. 

Attending conferences and taking short courses is also a great way to gain additional education, diversify your knowledge and make new connections. Depending on your industry, these conferences or seminars may also count towards continuing education and recertification.

5. New Clients

Gaining new clients and applying the skills you already know can diversify your portfolio as well. Every client is different and each one will require a specific approach. By practicing the skills you already know with new clients, you are gaining new insights and experience. 

Working with new clients might also prompt you to conduct new research in your field. New clients can also enhance existing healthcare relationships by teaming up with other healthcare professionals to help a client achieve the best results possible.

6. Improve Your Financial Security

It’s difficult for anyone to take risks if they feel like they are risking it all. To avoid this predicament, you’ll need to improve your financial security. This is especially true if a new entrepreneurial pursuit requires a large financial investment. 

To improve your financial security, make sure you and your family feel comfortable in your personal life. This means paying yourself regularly, having medical insurance, and investing in retirement. Avoid dipping into these funds under any circumstances. 

Instead, attempt to find investors or business partners. Finding a business partner will also reduce the risk by sharing it. If you can’t find investors, consider saving for a few months, or up to a year to fund the new idea, so you won’t have to impact your current living situation or jeopardize your financial security.

You should also consider investing in a diverse manner when it comes to retirement. Consider stocks and bonds, an individual retirement account, and investing in real estate, such as long-term rentals. You could also consider insurance such as life insurance.

It’s also a good idea to hire a financial advisor. A financial advisor will be able to guide you through your financial assets and risks which will help you to determine the best route for diversifying your portfolio as a healthcare entrepreneur. You may want to consider advising a broader team including a trusted accountant and attorney as well.

Healthcare Entrepreneur and the Benefits of Diversifying Your Portfolio

Learning a new skill as a healthcare entrepreneur requires patience and self-compassion. Everyone must learn the basics before they can claim mastery. This is especially true for any entrepreneurial pursuit. 

Be easy with yourself and seek guidance whenever possible. Someone has likely taken the same path or a similar path in your field, so lean on the experts. These could be fellow healthcare entrepreneurs, doctors, or even a lawyer to help with the legal side of the business. 

Need a consultant to help grow your business and diversify your healthcare or business portfolio? Please feel free to contact me today to gain expert advice and guidance from a seasoned healthcare entrepreneur.

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