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9 Exciting Benefits of Holistic Medicine

Holistic care combines complementary treatments with mainstream Western medicine for wellness. Some of these therapies have seen dramatic increases in popularity recently.

There was a threefold rise, for example, in the use of meditation in the five years up to 2017. So what’s all the fuss about? Here’s how holistic medicine offers benefits to those in need of physical or mental support.

1. Holistic Medicine Finds the Right Balance

This type of treatment dates back many thousands of years. The name given to it is much more recent. Holistic medicine looks at a person as a whole entity. This includes their mind, body, spirit, and emotions. 

A holistic professional may choose several treatments for the same patient. They may decide that conventional medicine, as well as alternative therapies, will offer the best results.

A holistic approach works on the principle of having the right balance in life. That is part of the answer to keep us in the best possible health.

There are many factors affecting the balance of our being. These include our posture, the climate where we live, stress, and our sense of purpose. These are a few things which will play a part in our overall wellbeing.

These things are part of the relationship between us and our environment. They’ll have an influence on our health. Rather than giving someone a pill, a holistic approach would mean looking at, and perhaps using, other forms of therapy too.

2. Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Mindfulness is a type of meditation that can help reduce anxiety. It works on the principle of staying in the moment. When we are quiet and still, it’s normal for our ‘worry thoughts’ to come to the forefront of our mind. 

If we are being mindful, we might instead concentrate on the touch of clothing on our body or the sound of any distant traffic noise. This diverts our attention away from things we can do nothing about and helps us to relax.

The results of mindfulness have been so effective that it is prescribed by public health professionals in the United Kingdom. It’s used there as an alternative to anti-anxiety medication. 

3. The Benefits of Yoga

The use of yoga has also seen a dramatic increase over the past few years. It’s been proven to help with back pain. It can improve flexibility and increase core strength.

If a patient suffers from breathing difficulties it might seem easiest to prescribe a medicine or even offer an operation. Yoga though can increase respiratory endurance. It could be part of the solution.

4. A Better Diet

Drugs are often prescribed for mild depression. A holistic approach would look at the underlying causes of the problem. This could include focusing on a person’s diet, along with many other factors, including exercise.

A course of treatment might involve dietary changes to ease and treat the issue. Overeating can in itself exacerbate a person’s depressive mood. It might give short-term pleasure but then create feelings of low self-esteem. A change like this gets to a cause of the issue, rather than just addressing a symptom of the issue, as many prescribed drugs do.

5. Empowering the Person

There’s a principle that lies at the core of a holistic approach to medicine. It’s a belief that unconditional love forms the basis of the best type of healing. Learning to love ourselves encompasses looking after our whole selves properly.

A holistic practitioner believes that what we do on a day to day basis to care for ourselves is as vital as any specific treatments. Holistic health care has, therefore, become a lifestyle choice. 

Patients can take responsibility for their physical and mental wellbeing. This has many benefits. It’s very cost-effective. It can help to stop chronic illnesses and can lead to us living at the best level of health possible.

Holistic treatments and care are also useful for patients or their loved ones who are struggling with substance abuse.

6. The Relief of Back Pain

Chiropractic care is a safe way to relieve back, neck, and joint pain. This is especially true in pregnancy when the abdomen grows. It’s at this time when there’s a lot of strain on the lower back, hips, and pelvis.

This problem can often be relieved through spinal manipulation. That involves administering controlled force to a part of the spine that’s become static due to tissue injury.

When a joint is immobile, it can get irritated and begin to hurt. Spinal manipulation can restore mobility and let the joint heal. That, in turn, can lead to a better night’s sleep.

7. Treatments for Migraines

If a person suffers from migraines a holistic doctor will look at all the potential factors that may be causing the person’s severe headaches. These could include other health issues, sleeping habits, and preferred spiritual practices.

A treatment plan might involve other medicines to relieve the symptoms. However, it could also include lifestyle modifications to help stop the headaches from recurring. For example, drinking more water may help many people who suffer from headaches.

8. Acupuncture for Smokers

Holistic medicine offers a broad range of treatments. Now this one may be surprising, however it has been successfully used by many, and is gaining traction as a method to quit smoking. For those who want to quit smoking, acupuncture is one of the most helpful tools to break the addiction cycle. That doesn’t mean ruling out other options, such as replacement therapy.

It could be that combining acupuncture with this treatment is the best course of action. Acupuncture uses very fine needles which are inserted into certain parts of the body.

It works by helping to regulate the body’s natural energy flow. That can reduce cravings and calm the mind and ease anxieties. It can also strengthen the lungs and clear phlegm, tar, and nicotine residue from there.

9. Live Longer

The holistic treatment approach focuses on healthy habits such as taking regular exercise. It also uses therapeutic practices and stress relieving exercises to improve overall health.

As a result, we could end up living longer with fewer health problems. It does still mean working with and including traditional western medicine when necessary. For many people, holistic health is the future of the wellness industry.

Staying Healthy with Holistic Medicine 

Holistic medicine offers a huge range of complimentary benefits to traditional western medicine.

The use of yoga, mindfulness meditation, and visits to the chiropractor are the most common types of treatment. All have seen a big rise in those using them over the past few years.

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