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Innovative Health and Wellness: 9 Technological Advances Taking Over the Wellness Industry

The wellness industry is worth $4.2 trillion worldwide. One of the things that have been driving the wellness industry forward is technology.

Innovative health and wellness technology are spurring interest in wellness. Apps and wearables are putting well-being in the hands of the consumer. On top that, they’re making wellness fun and easy.

Which technological advances are taking over the wellness industry? In this survey, we’ll look at nine of them.

1. Telehealth ups the Ante

Telehealth connects patients and medical professionals through video and telephone. New innovations are advancing it, helping it deliver even better care for patients.

Telehealth is connecting with smart devices and wearables to provide on-the-go services. It’s easy to connect with a doctor or health professional through a voice-enabled watch. Vital sign monitoring can alert emergency workers if you need emergency help.

2. Innovative Health and Wellness Products Help You Get Better Sleep

Scientists still don’t understand why we sleep, but they do agree sleep is important. The CDC has called Americans’ collective sleeplessness one of the most serious epidemics today.

Chronic fatigue contributes to irritability, mood disorders, and stress management. It also seems to play a role in many other health conditions.

Innovative health products are changing the sleeping landscape. New headsets can track your brain waves to help you relax. Other products can help you practice better sleep hygiene.

One thing is for sure. With the help of new tech, you’ll be drifting off to dreamland in no time.

3. Apps Make Health and Wellness More Accessible

The most revolutionary thing about health and wellness technology is that it puts you in control. You don’t need to look any farther than apps that incorporate health and wellness into everyday life.

Fitness trackers, nutrition trackers, and sleep trackers are common. There are also apps to assist with stress management other forms of mental wellness. Many of them are free, and all them fit in the palm of your hand.

Apps also make it easier to access education and training. Some apps are even designed to put you in touch with medical professionals. You can get the help and advice you need, when you need it.

4. The Marriage of Tech and Nutrition

Nutrition is a key part of health and wellness. A healthy diet can help your body fight disease, improve energy levels, and manage your weight.

Your new kitchen appliances are ready to help you make sure your diet is balanced. Smart blenders and other appliances analyze food and make recommendations. Balanced diets are even easier when you can get great nutritional advice with the tap of a button.

5. Wearables Collect More Data

Wearables are what most people think of when you say “health and fitness technology.” They’ve been trending for a few years now, but the fad is still going strong.

Today’s wearables are more than activity trackers too. While fitness trackers are still popular, they do more than ever before. Today’s devices can check your blood sugar levels, track your sleep patterns, and so much more.

6. Wellness Platforms Get Companies on Board

One of the most innovative health and wellness initiatives has happened in the corporate world. Business leaders are realizing that happy, healthy people do better work. Leaders are investing in technological tools that help their employees live better.

Enter the wellness platform. This software helps people with every aspect of wellness, from testing to planning. Doctors, personal trainers, and counselors are all at your fingertips.

7. New Technology Takes the Guesswork out of Fitness and Workouts

How do you make sure you’re getting the most out of your workouts? It used to be a lot of guesswork, with people suggesting different regimens based on your body type.

New health and fitness technology is taking the guesswork out of what you should be doing at the gym. Smart gym equipment communicates with smartphones and wearables to make more informed decisions. It also monitors your workouts and helps you alter the workout to get more out of your time on the treadmill.

Better yet, this new technology also makes fitness fun. It’s easy to sweat to a playlist or follow along with your favorite YouTube instructor. With workouts that are more fun and rewarding, you’ll be more motivated than ever to start pumping iron.

8. Wellness Goes Social

Another upshot of all these apps and smart devices is the ability to make health and wellness social. We already talked about how easy it was to use technology to connect to professionals. What about friends and family?

Innovative health and fitness technology is letting people connect to share and compete. It’s easier to hop on the treadmill when you know your workout buddy is going to be sweating right there with you. Joining a community can help you stay motivated and connect with like-minded individuals.

Social connection is also important for health in general. People with chronic health conditions are especially at risk for social isolation.

Apps and other technology are changing this. They allow you to find a community of people who face many of the same challenges. You can ask for advice and support, and receive the same in kind.

9. New Realities Will Change the Health and Wellness Industry

Much has been made about the potential of virtual reality and augmented reality. How is the health and wellness industry using them?

One innovative use has been VR for pain management. Patients who used VR technologies reported they felt less pain. VR and AR technology has also been used in training medical professionals.

It has so many other applications. Some of those uses include physical therapy for patients and even patient education.

The Future of Wellness Is Here

This survey of innovative health and wellness technology shows how much change there is. It’s easier than ever to track your health and make lifestyle changes to improve your well-being.

Are you wondering how you can make the most of recent wellness technology at home or in your clinic? Get in touch to share ideas about how technology can be used to help you and your patients.

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