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Step-by-Step Guide to Building an Online Wellness Brand

More than ever we need wellness. 40 million U.S. adults now suffer from anxiety, which is a condition that is completely treatable. Physical and mental stress are commonplace now in our society, but cultivating a life of wellness and education is a powerful solution. 

As a wellness practitioner or coach, your wellness business is much-needed. 

Wellness is dramatically different from visiting your doctor twice a year when you have a health problem or concern. Wellness is about living a healthy life on a daily basis and knowing how to prevent and manage health issues as they arise. 

A doctor is always a good person to have on any wellness team, but they can’t be there on a daily basis to guide important decisions. In fact, many doctors simply weren’t taught about nutrition and exercise during their education. 

As a wellness coach, you can bridge this gap and help people to better their lives. But, first, you have to know how to start your wellness business. 

Starting any business requires knowledge, determination, and a go-getter mindset. There will be challenges, but with support and guidance, your wellness brand can be successful. 

Read on to discover our step-by-step guide to creating a successful online wellness business and brand. 

Online Wellness Business: A Step-By-Step Guide for Creating Success

In most places, it’s not required for health coaches to have a certification. However, having one can help you to instantly become a more trustworthy source to your audience. If you don’t currently have a health coach certification, then checking out some programs is a great place to start. 

But if you have experience and you’re ready to dive into creating a wellness business, then following these steps can help you to get started.

1. Determine Your Niche

First, it’s essential to determine your niche. Your niche should be something your knowledgeable and passionate about. Even better is if you have firsthand experience in using your niche in your day to day life. 

The wellness industry is oversaturated with individuals who are looking to better the lives of others. Instead of targeting everyone, get specific about who you actually want to help. Study other healthcare entrepreneurs to learn more about how they determined their niche.

Is your specialty helping single moms? Women with anxiety problems? People wanting to learn more about holistic living and meditation?

Get specific and be prepared to build your brand around your niche.

2. Cultivate Your Voice

Every brand needs a voice and tone. The voice and tone need to be appropriate to your niche and your target audience. It also needs to complement your natural personality. 

Do you want your voice to be light-hearted? Humorous? Relatable?

Determine how you intend on coaching and speaking to your clients. From there, use your brand’s voice in all of your marketing materials.

3. Research Your Target Audience

It’s essential that you research your target audience. This means knowing how old they are, places they frequent, and problems they might have. Knowing their average income is also essential as this will dictate your prices. 

Find out what social media platforms they are on and how they prefer to consume information online. 

4. Create Branding Materials

Now that you have a vision for your brand and a target audience, it’s time to create branding materials. Your branding materials include your logo, website, handouts, brochures, social media pictures, and your business card. 

If you’re not comfortable with your graphic design skills, then outsource to a third party. It’s important that all of your branding materials are consistent so that your audience will easily recognize your brand. More brand recognition equals more trust, which can then translate to more clients.

5. Define Your Services and Products

Determine exactly what services and products you are willing to offer to your clients. Start out with one to two services and products such as one-on-one coaching, workshops, or a group program. You could also start by creating an e-book to gain authority in your field. 

Whatever you decide, make sure to be realistic. It’s admirable to want to do it all, but this could cause some serious burnout and harm to your business if your over-promising and not delivering. 

6. Social Media Marketing

The internet is abundant with marketing opportunities. Use free social media websites to your advantage by marketing your products and services on these sites. Getting on social media will also allow you to connect with potential customers and pitch your products to them.

7. Become a Trusted Source

Become a trusted source by gaining experience, creating a blog, or guest blogging for another wellness practitioner. You could also team up with another wellness practitioner and create a business partnership. 

When you have a successful client, ask them to write a testimonial or write a review. Then, place this on your website and social media so people know the value you provide.

8. Deliver, Deliver, Deliver

Your business will not be successful if you can’t deliver. Successful delivery and implementation mean keeping your promises, showing up, and always giving it your best.

Just like our clients, it’s important that we set realistic expectations in the beginning. Start small and then grow with your business so that you learn how to manage each step effectively. When you master a business skill, then you will know that it’s time to add in something new to take on.

Starting an Online Wellness Business: Get a Mentor

Even coaches need coaches to help them perfect their craft! Your wellness business will be more successful if you have a mentor guiding you throughout the process. Your mentor should be someone who is familiar with your niche as well as running a business. 

Your mentor should be there when you need support. They should also be able to help you brainstorm how to overcome challenges so you don’t get stuck.

It’s easy to feel stuck when first launching your brand and waiting for clients to sign-on. A mentor, however, can reassure you that you’re on the right track and help you to stay motivated until your big break. 

Need a mentor or consultant to help you grow your wellness business? Learn more about my specialties and contact me today to get help with your wellness business. 

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