About Dr. Kris Chaffin


Dr. Kris Chaffin has a successful track record as a healthcare entrepreneur.  He has spent the last 10 years working with elite, high performance and professional athletes, focusing on natural healing.  As an avid sports fan, Dr. Kris jumped at the opportunity to work with Tyreke Evans, then a guard for the Sacramento Kings, and Rookie of the Year recipient for the ’09-’10 NBA season.  His work helping Tyreke overcome several injuries lead to other athletes seeking him out.  He’s worked with many athletes including other NBA superstars, NFL wide receivers and quarterbacks.  In addition, he has also worked with professional golfers during their rounds at the prestigious US Open tournaments at some of the world’s elite golf courses.

Tony Robbins Greets Dr. Kristofer Chaffin in Atlanta, GA


In addition to his work with professional athletes, Dr. Kristofer Chaffin successfully built, expanded and sold his own private practice.  After selling his own practice, Dr. Kris has gone on to start several other successful healthcare companies, which he is involved with in varying degrees today.  He’s always looking for opportunities to seize, either by starting a company, or investing in others.  He’s invested in several companies to date, and continues to mentor other entrepreneurs.  One of Kris’ favorite things to do, which came about somewhat unexpectedly, is mentoring young and rising entrepreneur’s, including his neighbors’ teenagers who are looking for positive ways they can use their time and energy.

Dr. Kristofer Chaffin in committed to continued learning and follows gurus in the business world closely. Dr. Kris is known for saying some of the top business minds in the world mentor me, whether they know it or not, if I don’t speak to them regularly I can learn from their books and online content just as well.
When Tony Robbins came to Atlanta, Dr. Kris was front row and also got to spend some time with him backstage talking about health and wellness, something they share a huge passion for.


When fellow doctors hear about how Dr. Kris successfully built, expanded and sold his own private practice in a rather short time for the healthcare industry, many seek out his advice.  In addition, the success of doctors he has consulted has led to their peers contacting Dr. Kris and asking for his advice.  He now consults for over forty high-end health clinics across the US and abroad.  Dr. Kris continues to add new clinics monthly, as long as the doctors and practices are a good fit.  


When Dr. Kris is not checking in on one of his clinics that he owns, caring for one of his athletes, or consulting for other doctors and practices, he likes to spend his time on philanthropy, giving back and promoting the welfare of others with his time and other resources.  A cause that is really important to Dr. Kris is Project NINE1SIX

Dr. Kris Chaffin with Project NINE1SIX

Dr. Kristofer T. Chaffin met Pastor Thomas Hogue in 2010 in Sacramento, CA.  Dr. Kris was looking to give back to his hometown community, and wanted to find a solid organization to contribute to. He and pastor Tom quickly hit it off and the rest is history. At the time of them meeting, Pastor Tom’s ministry was homeless, just like the people he was serving every day. Pastor Tom would set up his feeding operation in an empty parking lot and feed the homeless breakfast every Saturday morning.  Pastor Tom would preach to those waiting in line, and help them find peace and comfort in their trials.

Seeing the work Pastor Tom was doing, Dr. Kris made it a priority to find a building in downtown Sacramento where Pastor Tom and his team could continue their mission and expand the great work they were doing. It took a few years, but both of their visions came true when they found a 10,000 square foot building that would become the non profit’s home. The organization has since expanded and has been able to help homeless mothers find meaningful employment, secure housing and impact the city on a higher level.

Dr. Kris Chaffin and the Project NINE1SIX Board