About Me

Dr. Kristofer T. Chaffin

Dr. Kristofer T. Chaffin, a distinguished figure in healthcare and entrepreneurship, prioritizes family values and aims to leave a lasting impact by uplifting others. Originally from California, he relocated to Georgia with his wife in 2015. Married to his high school sweetheart, Julianne, they share the joy of raising their daughter together.

Dr. Chaffin challenges the conventional heavy reliance on prescription drugs in the United States, advocating for alternative solutions whenever possible. His work with renowned figures in the NBA, NFL, and business arena emphasizes a preference for natural remedies. Notably, he has provided instrumental support to golfers at prestigious US Open tournaments held at top-tier golf courses, showcasing his expertise and commitment to holistic well-being.

In 2023, Dr. Kristofer T. Chaffin and his family moved to beautiful Portugal and embraced the lovely European culture. He maintains his real estate portfolio in the United States and cares for patients globally through his network of clinics. Him and his family are enjoying more quality time together, while maintaining a strong business portfolio globally.

A Desire to Elevate Others

Dr. Kris Chaffin successfully built, expanded, and sold his own private practices, leading to other doctors seeking his advice and services. He has now come alongside over seventy-five high-end health clinics across the US and internationally to help them offer cutting-edge treatments. He has worked with clients on four continents and continues to travel worldwide, elevating clients’ health and business ventures.

He is passionate about his time spent on philanthropy, giving back, and promoting the welfare of others. While living in California, he teamed up with local businessmen on Project NineOneSix, where they fed 10,000+ homeless people while helping them turn their life around, find jobs and stabilize their mental well-being. Since moving to Georgia, he and his team have been doing incredible work with his current project, Painted Pink.