Painted Pink ATL™


Providing quality, affordable housing that families can be proud to call home.

Affordable housing has been Hit Hard

With housing inventory already at an all-time low, affordable housing has been one of the hardest-hit segments. 70% of families with approved housing assistance vouchers remain homeless. Additionally, due to rising inflation and interest rates it is becoming harder for homeowners to maintain and pay for their homes. Low supply and high-cost barriers are affecting both homeowners and those looking to get a home in our Atlanta neighborhoods. 

Provide quality housing that families can be proud to call home

To combat this issue, our team takes a drastically different approach to affordable housing. We buy distressed homes from individuals looking to sell, renovate them, and use our lending partners to refinance the home for the long-term; providing stable, retail-quality homes to the underserved market. It is our experience that by providing quality homes, our tenants take ownership of “their home”, and are more likely to build relationships with neighbors and contribute to the local community.

Project Info

Location : Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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Meet the team

Renee Montgomery


A 2x WNBA Champion, NCAA Champion, and Sports Analyst. Renee has the creative mind to implement social change for affordable housing communities

Sirena Grace

A singer-songwriter and actress from Queens, New York. Sirena grew up in a single-mom home and has always aspired to bring families together and elevate her community.

Julianne Chaffin

Julianne purchased and managed the first ever Painted Pink house. Her passion for family and tradition inspires her to ensure Painted Pink families have a beautiful home to gather with their loved ones.

Dr. Kristofer Chaffin

Dr. K has a proven track record of success in health care and real estate businesses. More importantly, he and his family have spent a lot of resources on philanthropic adventures.

Daniel Solly

Daniel has extensive experience of construction, property management, low vacancy tenant placement, and non-recourse debt structuring.